How To Keep Cats From Eating My Houseplants

How To Keep Cats From Eating My Houseplants. Horses can safely eat a wide variety of household foods which can make great supplements to a traditional diet. Surround the plant with an unpleasant surface 7.

Why Do Cats Eat Plants And How To Stop Them Doing It from

Cats also hate the smell of citrus. Deter your kitty with noise 8. However, there are several common foods that are toxic to our equine friends.

Cats Hate The Smell, And It Doesn't Hurt Your Plant!

The one plant your cat will go to, leaving the rest of them alone. Bring the pots in, one or two at a time and he can dine on the good stuff. Placing a ring around the base of the pot will keep your cat further away.

Position As Many Of Your Plants As Possible On High, Inaccessible Window Ledges Or On Top Of Tall Furniture.

Vinegar is a good deterrent for cats as well but spraying your plants with vinegar can cause harm to the plants, so it is best avoided in this case. However, you must use essential oils with caution because they can become toxic beyond a certain amount. But the safest one is the juices from citrus or lemon.

Cats Don’t Like Walking On Tin Foil, So A Few Strips Of Tin Foil On Top Of The Soil Can Prevent Them From Munching On The Plant.

How to prevent cats from eating houseplants 1. Use cat repellent spray on the leaves 5. Place plants in high, inaccessible locations.

Spray Every Few Days Or As Often As Needed To Repel Cats.

It is easier to keep the plant out of the cat than the cat out of the plant. Many cats see plants as a source of food and fun. If you have a plant in your home that isn't toxic but your cat never seems to leave it alone, a good way to keep him or her away is by sprinkling chili powder on the leaves.

Spray The Juice Around The Leaves, And Throw The Lemon Peel Into The Soil Of Your Plants.

For this method to be effective, here’s how. If you don’t have time for making your mixtures, you can always go to the pet store and ask for the cat repellant spray that will surely. Put orange and lemon peels in your pots along with the plants to help deter them.

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