How To Shut Down A Narcissist Smear Campaign

How To Shut Down A Narcissist Smear Campaign. If you are in the discard phase of a narcissistic relationship and want to prepare for what is yet to. Seek support, because there’s no gold star for going it alone.

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All you have to do is stay quiet and act normal. How to shut down a narcissist’s smear campaign// are you dealing with a narcissist who is making you look crazy, ruining your reputation, turning others agai. Don’t talk badly of your.

In My Situation, There Was An Ongoing Smear Campaign Against Me.

The narcissist’s smear campaign nearly always occurs right before or during the discard phase. You think you’re through the worst of things. You may need an attorney when dealing with a difficult ex.

You’re Ready To Start Healing.

If the vindictive narcissist believes she is in a struggle with you, she will increase the intensity of her assault in order to win. The smear campaign is one of the many tools a narcissist has in order to try to manipulate, control and/or devalue you. Maybe it’s menopause or a midlife.

If You Are In The Discard Phase Of A Narcissistic Relationship And Want To Prepare For What Is Yet To.

Experiencing this behaviour can drain your energy and create a lot. If the smear campaign involves trying to get you in trouble legally, then get a good lawyer and document everything. The narcissistic smear campaign is one of the greatest challenges for a narcissist survivor.

All You Have To Do Is Stay Quiet And Act Normal.

To the narcissist, the purpose of the narcissist’s smear campaign is to bring you down while simultaneously lifting their ego. Remember that they are parasitic until the end. They can turn on the sad eyes and tears, convincing everyone how dearly you are loved by them and how clueless they are about why it ended so abruptly.

Countering The Smear Campaign Is Very Difficult.

Not everyone is high in narcissistic traits. So how to shut down a smear campaign? It should be noted that not every narcissist engages in a smear.

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